An Intro to the Art of Cool 2014 Festival App

The Full Frame App is Everything You Need!

by: Tim Hambourger, Bull City Mobile Developer

The Nest Big Thing - The $3.2 Billion Thermostat

Here's a number for you --

$3.2 billion

Wearable Tech -- Life Beyond The Smartphone

Friday Flashback -- The Weirdness of 1900 Tech Predictions

We know there have been some wild predictions made about this century that will never come true or have yet to be achieved.

Friday Flashback -- The Power Glove

Today touch screens are everywhere, there are videogame consoles that offer hands free control and the notion of just waving your hands around in the air like you just don't care to operate technology

Friday Flashback -- Tech Predictions Gone Wrong

You know how this goes.

Google Glass: Hacking and Privacy Invasion all In One