Durham Mobile App Developer Bull City Mobile creates quality mobile applications for your business. A talented, experienced and creative team of developers will determine your needs and goals and not only meet those goals but exceed them. We don’t just create apps, we can also help you manage, maintain and improve your app to provide optimal performance and deliver outstanding results.

All Apps Are Not Alike

We know this. That is why our team will learn about you and your business so that from start to finish we take care of the entire mobile application development process. Bull City Mobile will make sure everything runs smoothly, on time and on budget. And we don’t just create something for you and just hand it off, we will help you make your mobile app work as part of a larger business strategy.

Three Steps to Successfully Creating Your App


During the design phase we focus on the application from the end user's perspective. In designing your app we ensure that the:

  • Application reflects the business’ unique needs
  • All data requirements are captured
  • And the connection between the app and the data are well understood


Often times, the development of the application is usually where the client feels “left out of the loop.” This is when the development team hunkers down and disappears until it’s time to unveil the application to the client. At Bull City Mobile our goal instead is to create an open and transparent development phase that reassures our clients that we are on the same page and in the process of building the right solution for them.


Bull City Mobile firmly believes in mentoring and growing with our customers. As a result we offer a full range of maintenance once their mobile app has been developed to allow for improvement and enhancement. It’s not just about creating the app then handing it off. We do our best to maintain our relationships with our clients and provide them with the support they need.

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